Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Theodore Roosevelt Island

Today we checked out Theodore Roosevelt Island in Arlington, Virginia for the first time. Located off of the George Washington Memorial Parkway, only a footbridge can take you to the 2 1/2 miles of  trail over the island. A small parking lot along the GW Memorial Parkway gives you direct access to the footbridge. The island was originally owned by a gas company in the '30s until it was sold off to The Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Association. In 1967 is was dedicated to Theodore Roosevelt and became an official memorial and part of the National Park Service. A statue of the 26th president is erected including two large fountains. The fountain portion of the memorial is currently undergoing restoration.

The trails allow you to walk, jog or bike all over island. Large trees gave us plenty of shade to avoid getting the kids overheated. Restroom facilites were also available at certain points on the island. This national park gives you great views of Georgetown and the Washington D.C. Monuments all while being surrounded by nature.

Next stop.....Burke Lake Park!

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