Friday, May 27, 2011

Nell Boone Park in Purcellville, VA!

Today we traveled west to the town of Purcellville to check out Nell Boone Park in the Neersville community. Purcellville is known for its farm land and many vineyards in western Loudoun County. Purcellville is great place to go winetasting and the Virginia vineyard signs point you towards each winery. If you're looking for an affordable single family home with a larger yard and fewer neighbors Purcellville is the place to look. Large Manor and Estate Homes sitting on large lots scour the hillsides. Old Town Purcellville has century old Victorian style homes lining the main street through town. On our way to Nell Boone Park the drive was beautiful and we past many rolling hills and valleys. Nell Boone Park is situated right next to the Neersville Fire Station. The kids got to enjoy the park as well as the Fire Truck and Ambulance coming and going.

The park includes two newer sets of fenced in age appropriate play equipment. There is no shade so on a hot day like yesterday the refuge from the heat was under the play equipment. The park also has a baseball/softball field, aging basketball and tennis court. A porta potty is available near the baseball field as well.

Great community park nestled in between vineyards and farm land!

Next stop Riverbend Park in Great Falls, VA!

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