Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Elizabeth Mills Riverfront Park in Ashburn, VA!

The other day we checked out Elizabeth Mills Riverfront Park at the advice of a friend. Located in Loudoun County you have to drive through the neighboorhood of Lansdowne on the Potomac to arrive at the entrance to the park. You'll find the pathway takes you right through The Golf Club at Lansdowne golf course. Just follow the signs as you stroll down the cart paths towards the Potomac River. I felt a little odd walking through the course but the marshalls were there pointing the way to the Potomac along with the signs.

Once we got down to the Potomac a small set of wooden steps led us down to the river. Since the water level was lower large boulders were available to explore along with small river shells for the kids to collect. Once the kids got bored we walked back up the steps and along the section of Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail that lies inside the park. It was a nice shady walk with the kids. We did use our stroller most of the way. If you are a geo-cacher this place is great for searching for hidden caches. After the park we hit up the golf courses' small snack bar located at the entrance of the trail. They had no problems serving a non member and allowed us to sit at the tables and chairs to eat our lunch. Plus there is restroom attached to the snack bar.

We are definitely coming back to this natural park for some more fun! It was a beautiful setting to take the kids and burn off some of  that extra energy they always seem to have.

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