Monday, July 11, 2011

Sterling Community Center Park in Sterling, VA!

Last week we visited Sterling Community Center Park in Sterling, VA. This Loudoun County park has lots of shade and is even fenced in right next to the Sterling Library. It is also placed right next door to a firehouse and the kids can see the firetrucks coming and going at any part of the day.

A large shaded pavilion is also located inside the fence for a picnic lunch or snack. Besides the equipment pictured above. They have a ramp system with lots of slides and games for the kids to play. There no swings but they do have a small rock wall for the kids to climb on. If the kids get tired of the playground they can always go and hit up the library for story times when they are scheduled. There are no outdoor restrooms but you can always use the library restroom.

This is a nice park in the older part of Sterling but one that we will hit up especially on the hot days!

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