Tuesday, August 30, 2011

White Trail in Algonkian Regional Park in Sterling, VA!

My family and I are always looking for nice nature trails that the kids can manuever through without difficulty. One that I frequent with friends and family is White Trail in Algonkian Regional Park in Sterling, VA!

The head of this Loudoun County trail is located near the entrance to Volcano Island and situated right next to RV/Boat Storage lot. The trail takes you through the woods and never gets you close to the river so you won't have to worry about the little ones falling in. It actually ends up on the other side of Volcano Island so if you park in the lot you won't trek far to get back to your car. The trail is maybe a half mile and very flat with resting benches in a couple areas. The trail is clearly visible but every once in awhile after a storm a downed tree will block the trail. The park authority is really good about clearing the larger trees off the trail. In the areas where the ground can get a little swampy they have placed bridges to ease in crossing over. No bikes are allowed on the trail only walkers and joggers. I would say you could take a wagon through here but I would recommend a backpack for the smallers kids due to the down trees that are sometimes across the path.

Great little trail for the kids to get out on and get close to nature we almost always see deer out in the woods. If you're a geo-cacher this trail has lots of hidden caches to be found!

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