Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kutner Park in Fairfax, VA!

Kutner Park in Fairfax, VA is located off of Jermantown Road near Route 50. You can enter the park either at the entrance on Jermantown Road or walk in from the East side of  the park located in a small single family home development. At the Jermantown Road entrance there is a small sign with an arrow pointing towards the parking lot. You drive a short distance between the 7-Eleven and the soccer fields to locate the parking lot.

The park offers several pieces of newer equipment including a swing set, sand box and picnic pavilion. The park also has a tennis court, volleyball court and hiking trails. A porta potty is located near the parking lot and when we were there the potties were clean and in the shade.

This was a cute park that is tucked in between Route 50 and Lanier Middle School. If you didn't catch the small sign driving by you would never know the park was located among the busy area near Route 50 and Route 29 in Fairfax County!

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