Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Walker Nature Education Center and Trails in Reston, VA!

Yesterday we checked out the Walker Nature Education Center in Reston, VA. The Walker Education Center is located amongst 1300 acres of open space in Fairfax County and maintained by the Reston Association.

The Nature House located off of Glade Drive has a small collection of reptiles and fish for the kids to check out. Also a few exhibits for them to touch and sort. They also had a nature scavenger hunt sheet while you're out walking the trails. The Nature House has super clean restrooms and a parking lot.

The best part of the education center was the 2 miles of loop trails throughout the open space. The trails are clearly marked by logs with resting benches throughout. The trails are either gravel or dirt and can accommodate bikes, strollers and wagons.  If you're a geocacher there are lots of hidden caches found in the area.

For us the Nature House wasn't much but the trails were great and in the summer time would be completely in the shade. If you live nearby you should check it out on a nice day!

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