Thursday, January 12, 2012

Play N' Learn Playground Superstore Free Play Days in Chantilly, VA!

Today we checked out the Play N' Learn Playground Superstore Free Play Days in Chantilly, VA! We had heard about the stores Free Play Days from a great Mommy website called SuperNOVAMommy. The Play N' Learn Showroom is tucked back in an industrial park off Route 50 and Stonecroft Blvd. They sell wood playsets, netted trampolines, basketball hoops, and game tables.

The Play N' Learn Free Play Days offer parents and kids a way to get out of the weather while playing on playground equipment in the showroom from 10- 1 on Monday and Thursdays. They also have netted trampolines and basketball hoops for the kids to test out. The showroom flooring is just carpet over concrete so just be aware if the kids fall they might hurt themselves. There are super clean restrooms and water fountains. It was very popular when we went and from what I understand they don't put a cap on attendance and the play time is for the 6 and under crowd.

I talked with one of the sales reps and she told me that if you are a customer of Play N' Learn you can come and play any day as a bonus for buying their product. If you live in the area you should go check out the Free Play Days at Play N' Learn Playground Superstore!


  1. Hey Kamber! This looks awesome. Quick question: How hard/easy is it if you have kids running in multiple directions to see them. Clemyjontri park is not my fav at this stage in life right now b/c if L & D want to play in 2 dif areas I have a really hard time keeping an eye on them. Is this place anything like that in that regard? Thanks! Stacy S.

  2. Hi Stacy! Yeah it's not to bad for two kids running around. There is only one exit and all the equipment is in a row and the showroom is not very big.