Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bon Air Park in Arlington, VA!

The other day we checked out Bon Air Park in Arlington, VA! The Bon Air Park also features the Bon Air Memorial Rose Garden. I'm gonna have to return to the park when the roses are in bloom because as of right now they were trimmed back for the winter.

When we went to the park I didn't know there was another piece of equipment by the picnic shelter. We had just checked out the play equipment between the Rose garden and restrooms. The restrooms are indoor and were clean when we were there. The park sits right on the W & OD Trail with a creek in between the trail and the park. The piece of equipment by the Rose garden was in good condition and the play surface was sand. There is a little bit of shade with a bench for the kids to get out of the heat too.  The kids had a fun time throwing rocks in the creek and running around the large grassy area. In addition to the paved and gravel trails there are two tennis courts, basketball and a volleyball court. The same local woman that I talked to at Bluemont Park said this park is very natural and beautiful during the spring and summer months.

This is a very beautiful park and if you live in Arlington County or just in the Bluemont neighborhood you should check it out!


  1. Thank you for all reviews on the various parks! We visited this one over the weekend and fell in love! Can't wait to see the roses in full bloom!

  2. I'm so glad you enjoy them! I'm gonna have to go back when the roses are in bloom and check out the other play equipment that we missed.