Wednesday, March 9, 2011


In the Northern Virginia area you can most likely throw a rock and hit someone who has relocated to the area either for job opportunities, military or family. My small circle of friends have come from all over including Florida, California, New York, West Virginia and Ohio.  Very few of our friends are actually from Virginia with a small exception of my husband.

In cases where people are moving for job opportunities some companies will offer relocation packages. Some packages will recommend a realty firm to help you purchase or rent your new home.

A few of my close friends have shared their stories of relocating with me. One of my good friends said next time she would choose their own Realtor instead of going with the realty firm offered in a relocation package. She felt the Realtor with her package didn't offer enough time for her and kept steering her towards neighborhoods she felt were out of her price range. When time became an issue the Realtor went on vacation and left her unqualified nephew (who had no car) to show them properties. In the end she found her own home without the help of the Realtor or her nephew. The Realtor still received her commission but it was undeserved.

Another friend found her Realtor in her relocation package perfect. She loved her Realtor because she was well versed in the area and understood their needs. Once they disclosed their wish list she made a point of showing properties meeting their needs and discarded listings that did not. My friend felt the process was a success because they found a home in a reasonable amount of time and it met all their needs including price.

In Northern Virginia  there are many established and newer communities. You can live close to the city in Arlington, out west in Leesburg or anywhere in between. If you find yourself relocating to a new county or even a new state make sure you locate a Realtor that understands your needs. True North Realty, LLC is well versed in Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, Faquier and Prince William County. Let us help you find your new home!

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