Sunday, April 15, 2012

Red Rock Wilderness Overlook Regional Park in Leesburg, VA!

This weekend the family and I checked out Red Rock Wilderness Overlook Regional Park in Leesburg, VA. This 67-acre Loudoun County park has three different hiking trails, red, orange and white trails that lead to the Potomac River. The ruins that surround the parking lot were built by Charles Paxton in 1869 when he purchased 200 acres in Loudoun County. The farmhouse and ice house are the only structures still standing with the farmhouse being private property.
We took the orange trail then we met up with the white trail which led us to the Potomac River. I recommend taking the white trail if you have little ones. The white trail is wider and a little easier hike. The white trail is located at the back of the parking lot and clearly marked with white rectangles can be seen on the trees along the path. The only area that you wouldn't be able to take the a stroller or wagon on the white is when you get to the Potomac. You have to scale some steep trail and some steps. Once you get down by the water the kids have plenty of area to walk around. The water table was pretty low when we were there so it might not be such a large area in the wetter months. There are no restrooms at the park and it's a take your trash with you site.

If you're into geocaching there are many caches hidden in the park. Like this one that the kids and I found on our walk.
This is great park to walk around as the trails aren't that long for the kiddos. There are several picnic benches near the parking lot and trail heads if you want to pack a lunch or snack. It's too bad that there are no restrooms or we would of have stayed longer. The park is off of Edwards Ferry Road and if you're coming from the West it's hard to see the park entrance. But if you're coming from the East you can see the park sign clearly.

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  1. Yay for geocaching!! I'm so jealous... We haven't been able to go out at all. It got warm but not dry enough to go on trials... and now I'm sick and it's still wet!

    Good shot of the boys <3