Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tuscarora Creek Park in Leesburg, VA!

Last week we checked out Tuscarora Creek Park in the Town of Leesburg, VA. A local Dad had told me about the park along with a few others. The park gets it's name from the Tuscarora Creek which sits below the park near the W & OD Trail. Trail access is available right next to the park and a paved path takes you down a slight hill to the trail.

The park has one piece of play equipment which is more appropriate for the older kids than the younger crowd. There are both toddler and regular swings available. There is no shade over the equipment but the kids can escape the sun either under the pavilion or amongst the trees that surround the park. A picnic pavilion is available to rent along with the restrooms. Sadly the restrooms are only available during the rental periods.

The Tuscarora Creek Park in Loudoun County is small but great if you live near the Battlefield Parkway Expansion Bridge. With access to the W & OD Trail if you live near you could use the trail to access the park. An added bonus is the small creek down the paved trail where the kiddos can check out the frogs and throw rocks into the water.

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