Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fairmont Park in Manassas, VA!

The weather was great today so the kids and I ventured out to Prince William County and did a park crawl. First up on our list was Fairmont Park in Manassas, VA. This Prince William County park is located off of Fairmont Avenue in a neighborhood of single family homes.

The park has one piece of the equipment, a set of toddler swings and a tire swing for the older kids. The equipment doesn't have much shade over it but there is a grove of trees for the kids to get out of the heat. One of the big slides was out of commission but the rest of the equipment was in good shape. There are restrooms at the park but since it's still February the indoor restrooms were winterized.

This is a cute neighborhood park and if you live in the area you should it check it out!

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