Saturday, February 25, 2012

What's in a name?

Thank you everyone who has liked "The Next Best Thing"! When I first started the blog it was to represent nice playgrounds in the Northern Virginia Area and to show my knowledge of the area for Real Estate. In the past year it has turned into something I enjoy doing week after week. Now that the boys are older they let me know what they like about each park. It gets even funnier when we're out on vacation and my oldest wants to take pictures of the park sign to put up on the "log". In it's infancy I never put to much thought into the name of blog because I thought it was going to fade away like most ideas. Now I think the blog needs a more recognizable name that corresponds with the content. I would love to hear each and everyones suggestions for a new name for the site. If the name you suggest is chosen I will feature your blog, website and or personal business on the blog site along with your favorite park! I look forward to hearing everyones suggestions!

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