Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rosemount-Lewis Regional Park in Manassas, VA!

Last week we checked out Rosemount-Lewis Regional Park in Manassas, VA. This Prince William County park is located off of 1100 Crestview Drive. The county website has the address as 8150 Ashton Avenue but this is not correct.

The park entrance is located in a cul de sac on Crestwood Drive. You have to park in the cul de sac and walk down the gravel drive to get to the walking trails, tennis court, basketball court, play equipment and picnic pavilion. As you can see from the red arrow I have added to the above photo I have pointed out that only pedestrians and emergency vehicles are allowed on the gravel road. Apparently I just glanced over that sign and with the gate open I just drove on in. Not until after we were done checking out the park that I noticed the small sign. If I learned anything from this mistake is that it's a pretty good walk down the gravel road to get to everything.

The park has two pieces equipment in pretty good shape. The tennis and basketball court were in good shape as well. The equipment didn't have any shade over it but the picnic pavilion is right next it. Sadly there are no restrooms for this park. But there are plenty of paved walking trails for you to stroll on in and around the park.

This was a cute park with plenty of grass and trees for the kids to run around. If you live in the Crestwood Village or Paradise Townhomes in Manassas you can easily walk to the park down one of the paved paths or gravel road to check it out.

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